Words matter.

Hi, friends. Welcome to The Interpreter, a newsletter about language, politics, culture, and what everyone really means when they say what they’re saying.

Who am I?

I’m Amanda Katz, a writer and editor in Washington, DC. My grad degree is in the most practical field, experimental poetry, but most of my work has been as an editor of journalism (investigations, ideas, and arts) and of books (nonfiction and fiction). I’m particularly interested in how all kinds of texts, verbal and visual and otherwise, create an effect on people, whether deliberately and consciously or in ways that are more subterranean. I’m the lucky parent of a toddler who is also trying to figure out what everything means and learn how to talk about it, and I’m thinking about that childhood experience of putting ideas into language as well.

What is The Interpreter?

The Interpreter is a weekly newsletter that delves into the news and culture we’re all chomping through and tries to figure out what’s really going on, with bonus recommendations for stuff to read and stuff to consume. It will come out every Thursday.

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Words matter.


Amanda Katz

Writer, editor, parent, unlikely DCite. I write The Interpreter.